The support you need…living where you want!

Supported Living In An Apartment Or House

“I like living in my apartment because it’s a place of my own. I like to cook, clean and invite friends over to my place.”- Reed

Men and women with developmental disabilities live within their community with support through ARCO’s Supported Living Program. These individuals live in places of their choosing such as an apartment or house and staff to support their daily needs. Additionally, they may live alone or have roommates to share the overall expenses.

Mallard Community Home

“It’s a nice place to live and I like everybody. My favorite part is the staff and living with my roommates.”- Jason N., Mallard resident

The Mallard Community Home is a house where four men live together like brothers sharing life experiences, individual skills, and a mutual caring for each other.

Living At Home With Family

“I like living at home with family because we can be together and hang out. I feel safe!”- Joseph living at home with relatives

“Home is where the heart is!” Some of our participants choose to live at home with family or relatives with added support from ARCO. In addition, they may also receive daily support through ARCO’s Day Services program.