ARCO’s Customized Employment program matches men and women with developmental disabilities to local employers where their unique skills are paired with workplace needs.

What is Customized Employment?

Customized employment work involves matching the unique skills of workers to the unique needs of businesses, not a typical job description kind of approach. First a profile is completed on the prospective worker to identify the skills and information he or she has to apply to a job. Next, a job site analysis is completed on a prospective businesses’ operation and specific tasks done there that match the skills of the individual are meshed into a single job. Other workers are relieved from these tasks leaving them with more time to do other things. The impact of the worker with a disability on the regular workforce is equally as significant. Employers report that the whole workforce rallies around this employee to ensure his or her success, and that the quality of work goes up for all.

The Workforce

Men and women with developmental disabilities have become a known workforce resource in the local area through ARCO’s Customized Employment service. Working in all areas, mobile cleaning crews to clerical, ARCO participants have filled gaps to complete the labor needs of area employers. With over 30 persons successfully engaged in supported work or part of ARCO’s employment training enterprises, ARCO has demonstrated that those who want to work have something of value to contribute.

Community Support

The Customized Employment Program relies on the support of the community and local businesses. This year a grant from Capital One Foundation has afforded job seekers to be put in the forefront while ARCO staff is busy making connections that match their skill-sets.

If you are a business that is interested in becoming one of our Customized Business Employers, please call
Deidra Adair at 318-372-4469.