Community activities that are fun, interesting, and helpful to others are what men and women enjoy when participating in ARCO’s Community Ventures Program.

Being part of something larger than themselves, they easily contribute to their community and to each other, all the while growing in personally satisfying ways. Small group activities tailored to meet individual interests and needs include art, music, dance, cultural and educational programs, recreational and volunteer activities.

Donating Our Time

Community Ventures LOVES to volunteer in the community with local non-profits, schools, civic organizations, churches, or anyone who is in need of helping hands.

Exploring Our Talents

The men and women of Community Ventures have many abilities and by inclusively engaging in the community they are seeing that their talents are needed and valued.

Having FUN!!!


We Would Love Your Talents & Time!

We are always looking for ways to be involved in our community.  If you are an organization, group, or community member that has an opportunity for our ARCO’s Community Ventures group, staff or participants, please reach out to us.

Please call Deidra Adair at 318-372-4469