Through the ARCO Gives Back Program, the entire ARCO family of participants, staff, and volunteers recognize and assist with concerns of the larger community. Whether it is by assisting with food security of our neighbors, caring for sheltered animals, or covering other community needs, efforts of those associated with ARCO partner with efforts of others to sustain the overall needs of the community.

Our Community, Our Home

Donating Our Time

ARCO staff and participants collected and donated dog and cat food to KTVE’s Clear the Shelters Pet Food Drive to show love and support to all our furry friends.

Donating Our Talents

The men from the Mallard Community Home donated their artistic talents to the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo by painting a lion and a hippo’s footprint made from concrete molds of footprints in the grounds of the zoo. These molds were then auctioned off to raise money for the Zoological Society which supports the zoo.

We Want To Help

We are always looking for ways to be involved in our community.  If you are an organization that has an opportunity for our ARCO staff and participants to give back, please reach out to us.

Please call Deidra Adair at 318-372-4469